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What you can do with Phocentral?
              You can create albums (public, private & password-protected) with Phocentral. Each album can hold a set of photos and are given friendly urls to link your albums. Albums can be tagged for easy sharing and comes with various sharing tools. There are many options which makes photo sharing easy and fun with Phocentral!
Why Phocentral?
There are many reasons why you should choose Phocentral :
  • Maximum storage space
            Your storage space is not limited. Phocentral has adequate storage space and it has resources to provide you more space when needed.
  • High Photo Quality
             Phocentral aims to provide a good quality photo sharing service. Many photo sharing sites do not bother about quality of your photos. They even reduce quality of photo to reduce storage size. Because less quality photo consumes less server space. But Phocentral does not reduce quality by any means. Even Phocentral uses many techniques in processing photos to provide you a high quality photo.
  • Full control
            You have the full control over your albums and photos. Phocentral provides you facility to create public, private and password-protected albums. Private and password-protected albums has been made to ensure privacy for you.
    • Private albums  Your photos is completely safe from unauthorized access by other users. Your photos will not be listed in search results.
    • Password protected albums  Photos can be viewed only by entering password
  • Sharing Tools
            Phocentral comes packed with many sharing tools which makes it easy for you. You can email friends, publish your photos on sites or blogs. Even more right here at Phocentral.
  • User-friendly links
            You can easily link your albums by using the url http://pc.phocentral.com/<USER NAME> The links for your albums can be easily remembered as it has your name on it. For example, http://pc.phocentral.com/maxwell links to maxwell's albums.
Who made Phocentral?
              Whatever you see here in Phocentral are developed by S.Vimal Sudhan. He is 22 yrs of age and working as software engineer in Bangalore. He is from Tamil Nadu, India. He has developed this site when he was doing his graduation in National Engineering College, Kovilpatti. He loves to do computer programs from his earlier days. This site is the outcome for his interest to develop smart computer programs, especially server-client oriented applications using PHP and MySQL.
Comments, suggestions and feedbacks about my site are always welcomed!
Please contact me through my email id vimalsudhan@gmail.com or vimal@phocentral.com
Special Thanks
The developer wants to thank the following persons
  • Christopher Einarsrud for his Polaroid photo gallery made in Adobe Flash. Phocentral uses a modified form of it.
  • Geoff Stearns for his Javascript 'SWFObject' used for detecting and embedding flash content.
  • Millions of developers contributing at PHP, MySQL and Apache

vimalsudhan.comvimal@phocentral.com burnexpense.com